Custom isn't costly

Shaw Speed & Custom XL1200R

Cars By Photo by Shaw Speed & Custom VIA

Shaw Speed & Custom churns out some pretty sweet bikes. But what about for the budget conscious? We can’t all throw down tens of thousands for the bike of our dreams. Their most recent custom job, the XL1200R made use of a 2006 Harley Sportster XLR1200R they had in stock as the “guinea hog.” The original tank was kept, but Shaw Speed & Custom went to work by adding a new custom handlebar and rear fender. They then lowered the bike and added a gorgeous black spring mounted solo riding seat, satin powedercoated the wheels and threw on some great dual sport rubber. The bike cost under ~$14K to build and just goes to show you that a modest budget can equate to an unbelievably beautiful and unique motorcycle, in the hands of true craftsmen.

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