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MLB At Bat 12

Tech : Apps By Photo by MLB

A new season of baseball is upon us and with it comes the latest update to one of our all time favorite apps. In its latest iteration, At Bat 12 delivers the avalanche of baseball stat goodness you’ve come to expect, but is now available on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle — seriously, there’s no excuse not to have it. At Bat 12 brings 150 Spring Training baseball games live along with radio broadcasts, batter-by-batter action and breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters. You can even customize the home screen for your team of choice or search and peruse through the massive video library archive. The app is free, but a one-time season pass costs $15 or $3 per month. Three words: totally worth it.

Buy Now: Free ($3 per month; $15 per year)