Don’t call him junior

TaylorMade R11 S Driver

After taking the driver market by storm last year with the R11 there was only one thing left for TaylorMade to do. Tell all of the white paint detractors, “I told you so”. OK, maybe two things, as they set out to improve upon the best driver they had ever made. The result is the TaylorMade R11 S ($400) with a 20cc larger head and even more adjustability.

So how does little brother measure up?

Starting with the Adjustable Sole Plate, the R11 S offers 2 added settings that now open or close the face 1.5° and 3°, compared to only a 2° option before. All without impacting the club’s loft. The new Flight Control Technology (i.e. the adjustable shaft) now offers settings of 0.75° and 1.5° to either increase or decrease the club’s loft instead of only a 1° option. The added options allow for customization from minor tweaks to major overhauls. Beyond that the R11 S is the same ball crushing, white blur producing, topic of conversation starting big dog as its older brother.

We found during our testing that the improved customization did lead to a little more distance and a very nice ball flight. This golfer has never been one to veer too far from a neutral setting so the smaller, more subtle adjustment options were right up my alley. Those that play a pronounced fade or hook can use the higher settings to try and combat or at least control their ball flights better. Plus the 460cc head adds a touch more forgiveness over its predecessor. Most golfers will see more immediate and consistent distance gains from improved ball-club face contact vs. using a longer driver which plays right into the R11 S strengths (the shaft is the same length as the R11). While none of the individual improvements may seem game changing by themselves, if you add them all up you get a substantially better driver.

Buy Now: $400