A global passion celebrated in print

The Ride Journal

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by The Ride Journal

Print media’s golden years may be in the rear-view, but no matter how digitized the world becomes, a few magazines will always have a home on our desks. The Ride Journal is a boutique publication we recently stumbled upon that any cycling fan will fawn over. One look at its clean approach to photography and typography is enough to get a casual flip-through out of anyone. The engrossing storytelling, though, will make it a fixture of your lounge chair.

The magazine was founded back in 2008 to capture a love of all things two-wheeled and pedaled, but The Ride Journal isn’t about gear, a particular sport, or a lifestyle. It’s not even about generating a profit, since both the staff and contributors are unpaid, and any revenue generated from subscriptions is donated directly to a variety of charities. Instead, it’s about showcasing stories of how bikes have transformed peoples lives across the globe. After all, bikes are a known common love of readers of any bike publication. It’s the stories around what cycling means to people personally that’s still a mystery, and that’s what The Ride Journal captures.

Since the publication is largely a labor of love, circulation is limited to a collection of boutiques across the planet. Luckily, you can order recent issues from a variety of online shops. Better yet, The Ride Journal has also kindly posted issues 1, 2, and 3 for free in .pdf format on their site. Now get busy reading or get busy riding.

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