Bridging the gap

Apple TV 1080p

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Apple

Apple previously described its foray into the living room as a “hobby”. Now that the tiny black puck has been launched side-by-side with the new iPad, it seems more like the ultimate tablet accessory. Given the new iPad’s crazy-retina display, the new Apple TV finally matches the 1080p output of competing set-top streamers like the Roku LT. That focus on 1080p extends to the new interface that comes with iOS 5.0, which now surfaces Apple TV functions and content sources in a similar fashion to apps on the iPad or iPhone. The upgraded OS also finally buttons up Apple’s ecosystem, bringing the full power of iCloud to bear on the TV, complete with the ability to stream movie purchases directly from the cloud vs a local Mac or iPad. Available March 16th, for $99 — add one to your iPad pre-order cart, and you won’t regret it.

Buy Now: $99 (Available March 16)