Well Crafted Commuting

Levi’s Commuter: Spring 2012


The classic style of Levi’s products is undeniable. We’re even wearing a pair of 501’s as we type this. Since patenting the first jean for the Gold Rush miners over a hundred years ago, Levi’s denim has continued its reign as an American style icon with unmatched craftsmanship. Originally made for the pioneers of the West, Levi’s continues to incorporate a pioneering spirit into its design and products for today’s modern pioneers – like the commuter cyclist.

Following the successful launch of Levi’s® Commuter Series clothing in the United States last year, the Spring 2012 Commuter Series is available around the globe and offers additional iconic pieces designed specifically for the needs and demands of the urban commuter cyclist.

The Levi’s® Commuter Series takes aim at the weaknesses of regular clothing and solves them with cutting edge fabrics, apparel technology treatments and smart design construction. Levi’s® Commuter Series combines NanoSphere Technology for water and grime resistance, 3M Scotch-Life Reflective Tape for visibility, and Sanitized Technology for battling odor with stretch fabrics, reinforced crotches and seats, gusseted crotches and shoulders. Following its successful launch in 2011, which introduced the Commuter Trucker and 511 Commuter Jean ($78), a 511 Commuter Trouser ($78), All Weather Commuter Trucker Jacket ($128), and Commuter Work Shirt ($88) have been added to the Series, creating a head-to-toe lifestyle look. All Levi’s® Commuter Series product will move with you instead of fighting you on the bike and keep you looking and smelling good once you arrive.

All the better for chatting up the office smokeshow.

$78-$88 | levi.com/commuter