Your Homebrewing Handbook

The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer

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While we appreciate the growing craft beer movement and the art of a perfectly poured pint, we can’t ignore our do-it-yourself instincts. But before we turn the guest room into a rogue brewery, we’ll take some advice from avid home brewer, Matthew Schaefer. His new book, The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer ($15), is the perfect companion to the fledgling home brewer. It provides a step-by-step, full-color guide to the beer-making process, from selecting the best components to bottling the final product.

Learn the detailed procedures for extract, partial-mash and all-grain brewing, as well as everything from preventing off flavors to sanitizing your equipment. Throughout it all, you’ll see great photos of ingredients, bottles, mash tuns and kegs, giving you visual incentive of what’s to come. And if you’re a lingo novice, dive into the glossary for definitions of noble hops, original gravity, refractometer and more.

Buy the book, brew your own, and behold the synergy of water, malt, hops and yeast.

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