Finger lickin’, Mama slappin’ good

Germantown Commissary Memphis BBQ

Culture By Photo by Germantown Commissary

For over 90 years, this humble structure stood as a commissary to the locals of Germantown, TN. Selling everything from bluejeans to bologna, a commissary was a place were you could go to get just about anything. In 1981, Walker Taylor purchased this building with hopes and dreams of making some of the best Memphis style BBQ around. Today the Germantown Commissary still goes by its original name and has grown in popularity, serving the likes of Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles, Aerosmith, and Jack Nicklaus, to name a few. We particularly like their motto – “So good y’ull slap yo’ mama.” Their down-home menu includes handmade favorites such as “The Boss Hog Special” and “All U Can Eat Ribs.” If you’re into meat, this is a must try. As you can expect with most BBQ joints, don’t come dressed like the king of spades. We never said it was fancy, but it’s good — and that’s what matters.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the miracle of overnight shipping, you don’t have to live in Tennessee to experience Germantown. In fact, Germantown offers a variety of mouth-watering BBQ for purchase online including The Deuce of Pork, the Commissary sampler, Bone Up rib special, the Boss Hog Special, and the ludicrous Memphis Jam Session.

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