If we’re being honest (would we lie to you?), choosing favorites as a youngster was tough. Some of life’s seemingly most important questions were which toy to play with. LEGO’s? G.I. Joe? Terrorize Whiskers with a NERF gun (still struggle with this one)? That’s why when we received word about The Free Universal Construction Kit we got the warm fuzzies inside. No longer will today’s youth be plagued by the misery of having to choose which toy to play with. The Free Universal Construction Kit allows for users to cross connect multiple brands of toys. LEGOs to Lincoln Logs? Piece ‘o cake. K’nexs to Krinkles? Easy peezy. Zomes to Zoobs? Done. We’re not exactly sure what type of legal ramifications may be coming down the pike for this entrepreneurial group of toy-gineers (we like connecting random things too), but if you listen closely enough, you just might hear the collective cheer of Pre-K classrooms nationwide.

Watch how it works after the jump.

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