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Design Spotlight: Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept

March 21, 2012 Tech : Cameras By Photo by David Reisenberg

Last year, we shared with you David Reisenberg’s carefully crafted whiskey packaging design. Nearly a year later we bring you another incredibly conceived design in a category near and dear to GP. Cameras.

This time around, Reisenberg has taken a deftly designed stab at a product that’s had photographers itching with anticipation, a Canon Mirrorless Camera System. The result of months of research and CAD modeling, the concept pays digital homage to the timeless design of the Canon AE system, right down to the signature geometric viewfinder hump. And though the Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept is rooted more in fantasy than reality, in terms of costs, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, right?

Here’s the proposal. The Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept is built around a full-frame 18.1 megapixel sensor sourced from the Canon 1DX. For glass, a “CM-D” Canon EF lens mount will accommodate all EF lenses including a concept 50mm f/1.0L prime kit lens with direct aperture control (can we have this now, please?) along with the requisite pancake lens (not pictured) so popular in mirrorless cameras for easy-pocketability. A detachable electronic viewfinder incorporated into Canon’s signature prism hump along with an integrated pop-up cylindrical flash round out. As for the throwback case design? Well, we’ll just let the renderings after the jump speak for themselves.

Dream on, gents. Plenty more photos after the jump.