The Inverted Bike Shop

Brooklyn’s 718 Cyclery traces its roots to a backyard shed. Several years ago, founder Joe Nocella, a reformed bicycle messenger and current architect, combated the indignity of a stolen bike by building a new one himself. He liked the hands-on approach so much that he built more, eventually building bikes for friends and neighbors and, later, much of Brooklyn. Nocella opened 718 Cyclery in October 2010 under the premise that people want to work with their hands and be involved in the process, whether it’s simply picking out raw parts or assisting in the build out.

The collaborative bike shop allows customers to share the project online, making them part of the process from start to finish. They’re invited to visit the store to oversee the process or dive in and get their hands dirty. This approach seems to be working, as the shop’s growing stable of clients can attest.

The serenely shot video takes us behind the scenes at 718 Cyclery and exudes the calming effect that’s inherent in working with our hands. We’ve ridden some great pre-built bikes over the years, but consider us converts to the merits of bespoke bicycles.