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Upslope Brewing Company Foreign Style Stout

After just two years in business, Upslope Brewing Company is releasing the Foreign Style Stout, their first limited release specialty ale. Located and expanding in the North Boulder area, this budding brewery was founded by three outdoor adventure lovers who enjoy chilled, fizzling hops in between camping, rafting, and mountain biking trips. With only 200 barrels of their Foreign Style Stout being brewed, this traditional Irish style malt truly deserves limited release status. Upslope describes it as “roasty, but corduroy smooth and well-balanced both in malt character and hop bitterness.” Since their inception, Upslope has also released their award-winning Pumpkin Ale, Craft Lager, Pale Ale, and Brown Ale. What’s their secret ingredient? Snowmelt. Utilizing one of Colorado’s most natural resources allows them to brew a flavor free of chemical tampering. We say take a break from some other pretentious Colorado mega-breweries and try painting your tonsils with something friendly, casual, and most of all, pretty damned tasty.

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