Let it Rainier

Bollé Rainier

March 23, 2012 Style : Accessories By Photo by Bolle

Ugh. Another pair of sunglasses. Really? Well, until you actually try on the Bolle Rainier, like we did, you wouldn’t know that they are supremely comfortable and have what Bolle calls Thermogrip technology to keep the specs on your face. Consider them like tropical frog fingers for your face, providing a great fit and allowing the nosepieces to comfortably rest on your schnoz while elevating the frames enough to vent well and not sit on your chubby cheeks. The hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (grease repellent) coating is great at keeping the rain and grime off the Rainier. The supremely crisp view through the bClear lenses is enhanced by excellent anti-fog properties that actually self-rejuventate (fog on, fog off and so on). And even though we’re not doing impressions of Elton John, we really did love the white frames that change our style game just enough to be different.

Buy Now: $130

Amos Kwon

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