Lone Star Lovin'

Photo Recap: 2012 Dallas Auto Show

Cars By Photo by Jonathan Gallegos

Sometimes we wonder, given the job prospects and varying degrees of instability, if writing auto reviews was the right decision for our lives. But then we realize that if Fate had wanted us to be anything else, we wouldn’t look so dang good behind the wheel. And so it goes, saddling up our horses we headed down to the Dallas Auto Show to see if everything really is bigger in Texas. While there were no big unveilings, rest assured, being in over half-a-million square feet of motor heaven was enough nearly enough to move enthusiasts like us to tears of joy. Words cannot describe the happiness found within the walls of this Lone Star sanctuary, which is why we provided you the following picture essay. Are we just going to give it to you? No, you’ll have to work for it. The pictures behind this veil are rare teasers, elusive prey, yet glorious angles of some of our favorite moments at the DAS. If you like cars, you’re welcome.

Lessons learned on this trip: 1) Texas creditors cannot seize your house/must leave you with at least two guns, your sporting equipment, and 120 fowl, 2) BBQ + Margaritas = fun, and 3) faux croc-skin shoes are acceptable footwear in some parts of America.


Photos by Jonathan Gallegos