Strapped for Dash

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Style By Photo by Hodinkee

Like a set of wheels to a car or shoes with a suit, nothing sets apart a watch quite like a well-considered strap. Even watches limited to mere dozens have room for individualization and strapping on a new swath of leather, suede or nylon can make all the difference. Our friends at Hodinkee have just launched their first foray into products and yup, you got it, they’re watch accessories. The small, intimate collection consists of leather, distressed-leather and suede straps, two watch travel pouches and a six watch travel roll — all made by hand, in Italy, which means no two are alike. Just the way we like it.

Need a few suggestions? Here are our picks: Smooth Stained Brown Leather Strap ($149) sold out, Suede Camo Strap ($165) sold out, Brown Leather Pouch ($55), and the Brown Leather Watch Roll ($250).

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Buy Now: $55-$250