There's extravagant, and then there's this

Fuji X-Pro1 Globe-Trotter Case

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Harrods VIA

Nothing quite says “You’ve made it” like buying ~$9,000 worth of cutting edge camera equipment, encapsulated in the finest luggage around. Fujifilm’s new partnership with opulent British luggage maker Globe-Trotter has yielded a handmade case assembled on period Victorian machinery, constructed from their famous Fibreboard, which is actually formed from a dozen layers of bonded paper. Finished with brass hardware and a classic trim of tan leather, the “kit’s” overall aesthetic is both timeless in form and extravagant in materials — ensuring your gear and ego arrive at your destination in tact.

Gazing upon the lavish fit and finish, it’s also easy to forget that the case perfectly forms around the most anticipated mirrorless interchangeable lens rig on the market, the X-Pro1, along with its three phenomenal lenses, a flash, filter and lens hoods. Only 12 sets will be available exclusively through Harrods, so act quickly.

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