Stuck-in-time materials, timeless design

Petrified Design Furniture

Home By Photo by Petrified Designs

Petrified Design revives reclaimed materials to create timeless new furniture that’s not only functional, but also artfully crafted. The Austin-based furniture maker gets its inspiration and materials from old ceiling slates, pieces of old gooseneck trailers and wine barrels — and combines them with industrial steel. Their resulting creations range from chairs and stools to coffee tables, benches and record cabinets. Each piece is dribbled with history and equal parts form and function.

For instance, the East Polk Lounger ($525, above) not only looks good, but also securely stores the ottoman underneath when it’s time to get into gear. Check out their Etsy shop to see the entire range and make sure not to miss the Cask Rocker ($595) or Gooseneck Coffee Table ($775). Remember, if like His Dudeness, you want to perfect the art of sitting, you’ll need to change the way you sit. Petrified Design can help you upgrade your home in style and tie the room or deck together.

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