Your personal mic on the bike

Schuberth S2 Helmet

Cars By Photo by Schuberth

Twisting the throttle for a two wheeled commute used to mean going incommunicado and possibly missing out on some morning vitals. Now you can stay in the loop at any lean angle. Backed by over 90 years of research and development, Schuberth GmbH has created the new Schuberth S2 ($699). The S2 is the first helmet in the world to have fully integrated antennas for Bluetooth and VHF radio (with RDS) reception. Just add the plug and play Schuberth SRC system (coming soon) and you can use the phone, listen to your nav directions, talk to your passenger or even conference in up to 3 bikers within a 300 meter radius.

Designed in their own wind tunnel and the weighing in at just over 3 lbs, the S2 is also shaped to provide relief to tired neck muscles by using two integrated spoilers on the shield that provide down force at the leading edge of the helmet. And to make sure you can actually hear what’s being said, the S2 is also one of the quietest helmets on the market, allowing only 85dBa of noise at 60 mph, on a naked bike. A fantastic ventilation system and a ratcheted chin strap round out the features of this amazing lid. Oh yeah, and if you don’t want to be disturbed while taming the Tail of the Dragon, you can always turn it off.

Buy Now: $699