Style Pick: American Giant Sweatshirt

Style : Clothing By Photo by American Giant

Quality and fit: that sums up American Giant, a small company from San Francisco. As of now, the brand only sells a variety of affordable, long-lasting basic sweatshirt styles, all handmade in America. Unlike other brands who skimp on labor costs to keep prices low, American Giant doesn’t operate stores and spends absolutely nothing on marketing, focusing instead on old-fashioned excellence. The result is a garment that will last. Should you take a chance on their sweatshirts, American Giant will pick up the shipping tab, and if you wind up not liking it; they’ll also pay for the return trip. T-shirts, button downs, and outerwear products are coming soon as well. Sounds like a perfect time to toss out your ratty old sweatshirt and get into something that’s as comfortable as it is patriotic. Plus, it comes in a pretty nifty orange.

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