Sittin Pretty

Eames Aluminum Outdoor Collection

Home By Photo by Herman Miller

You’ve been meticulous about the furniture inside your home, having amassed quite the collection since the end of those IKEA years. Unfortunately, all of that accumulated taste means squat the moment your Lowe’s patio set becomes the center of attention again as a summer retreat for meals and cocktails. Mercifully for your social life, Herman Miller has revived the classic Eames Aluminum Outdoor Collection ($1,000+) for 2012 and returned it to its outdoor roots.

A little history for you non Eamesphiles. The Outdoor line was originally commissioned from the legendary design couple in 1953 by industrialist J. Irwin Miller and his wife, Xenia when building their dream home nestled in Columbus, Indiana.

The result was one of genius, but like many brilliant things, was not recognized as such until long after its time. As the years flew by, this aluminum line of furniture was eventually modified to be strictly for indoor use. Now the series has finally been re-outfitted with a rugged combination of powder-coated materials and outdoor weave fabrics to weather any storm, while providing maximum comfort, with an aesthetic that even an old industrialist would agree, is timeless. Sell your car, throw the flower patterned crap you’ve got now into the dumpster, and let your modern Gatsby revival fantasies run wild.

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