Be Billy the Kid with your DSLR

Capture Camera Clip

We all know photography gear can quickly become overwhelming. Lenses, bags, cameras, straps, cords, –- it eventually gets out of hand. Thankfully, Camera Clip by Peak Design ($80), is a cool and easy alternative to the traditional neck strap. Simply screw the quick-release plate to your camera’s tripod mount, attach the die cast aluminum main clamp to any belt or bag, and slide the plate into the clamp for an incredibly secure hold. Press the red release to allow the plate to slide out, and your camera is instantly in-hand.

The unit was incredibly solid during our tests, and the locking mechanism is smooth and secure with a painless release. Granted, you’re hanging a large camera on your belt or bag — so be wary of Lil’ Wheezy style pant sags and prepare accordingly. Still that’s preferable to a camera bouncing off your chest while hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor activity.

Editor’s Note: Capture got its start like many cool products these days – on Kickstarter. Peak Design originally wanted to raise $10,000 in funding. They got just under $365,000 – the 10th highest Kickstarter project by funding. With that kind of support, Peak Design clearly has something worth checking out.

Buy Now: $80