The future is potentially in eight months

Google Project Glass

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Google

Technology moves fast, but for those of us that dream about time-traveling DeLoreans and holographic computer screens, it can’t move fast enough. That’s why our inner-LeVar Burton became giddy with excitement when Google shared some details of their long-rumored experiment, Project Glass. Whisperings among the Technorati have guessed at specs that seemed straight out of Minority Report, but if the concept video, titled “One Day…” is any indication, then the future may have finally arrived. Google’s video suggests a smartphone-meets-rec-specs mashup that includes voice recognition, on-lens video overlay, focal-tracking, and “hyper-augmented reality programming” that can tell you about everything from subway stop closings to bookstore layouts. Possibly the most exciting news is the rumor that the glasses will be released this upcoming holiday season. Now that we think of it, the only realistically improbable aspect of Project Glass is the fact that the guy in the video actually shares things with his circles on Google+.

Check out the video after the jump and start dreaming of a world where “four eyes” are cool again.

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