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Canon EOS 60Da

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Even the most seasoned photographer knows the frustrations of delving into the world of astrophotography. Ultra long exposures, hyper-subtle colorations and bringing out the detail of such distant objects usually results in blurry, indistinguishable images that are more akin to a close-up of your garage floor instead of the majestic night sky. Canon has addressed these specific issues with the release of the EOS 60Da, an incredible DSLR tailored for those interested in pointing their lens upwards.

The EOS 60Da boasts an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 3-inch LCD monitor and an ISO range that can be expanded up to 12800. It is designed with an increased sensitivity to hydrogen-alpha lines, resulting in incredibly accurate color captured in JPEG or RAW formats. While this may seem too specialized for everyone, those interested in expanding their horizons to the cosmos will find this an invaluable tool, and one in a class of its own.

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