(Foos)baller status

Teckell Luxury Foosball Tables

Home By Photo by Teckell

Apart from a home theater and a pool table, few other fixtures enhance the sheer entertainment value of a man cave like a foosball table — even for us pigskin loving Yankees. Yet they never had that classy, luxurious feel to them — until now. Teckell’s mouth-watering foosball tables are a modern re-imagining of the game, crated by Italian artisans using only the very finest materials and technology. The collection includes four distinct models: Cristallino, Contropiede, Angolo, and Intervallo, with the latter one doubling as a small coffee table. Each table’s main body is made out of low iron crystal glass that gives it a diamond-like feel. Players, on the other hand, vary by style with accessories and legs made from aluminium, gold or wood. The results look so good we wonder how much actual play will occur.

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