Style Pick: Billykirk Hand-Stitched Leather Laptop Sleeves

April 12, 2012 Style : Accessories By Photo by Union Made VIA

Over the years, we’ve raved about Billykirk’s products and founders, and their latest laptop sleeves ($219+) reaffirms our love. It’s a classic Billykirk piece – blending chic with toughness, and elegance with durability. Featuring hand-stitched Horween leather, a Chicago asset since 1905, this sleeve exudes rugged class. In any boardroom or meeting it sends a clear signal that the owner takes his style just as seriously as his technology. No zippers, no Velcro, no buttons – the sleeve closes with a simple flap tucked underneath a cross strap. Available in 13 or 15 inch sizes.

$219+ |