The Concorde Story

Think about this – commercial airlines traveled faster 35 years ago than they do today. Technological advances seem to be limitless, yet we no longer travel at super sonic speeds as we did from 1976-2003. How did we flout the sound barrier at the end of the 21 Century? The Concorde. It was the result of decades of cooperation and innovation between France and Britain, and the only commercial jet to carry 100 passengers over Mach 2 (or 1,520 mph).

To give you an in-depth look at the research, production, and politics of the most successful commercial super sonic jet, we wanted to share this documentary by Classic Pictures Entertainment. Even if you aren’t a history or aeronautics buff, we think you’ll find the Concorde’s story interesting — come on, indulge your inner aviation nerd. And if it depresses you to see technology that is unavailable today, but fully functional in a 1970s documentary, we hear you. Here’s hoping we see commercial super sonic jets again soon.