A different kind of iPad

Alugraphics Flexpad

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Alugraphics

From outcries that they’re paying too much for current technology to being badged as label-driven sheep, Apple fan boys take a lot of flack for their devotion. But regardless of whether or not you agree with any of the admonitions, one thing has never been in doubt –Apple products are gorgeous. For those of you that worship at the altar of the great and powerful Jobs (R.I.P.) & Ive, and are a little design OCD to boot, there’s the Alugraphics Flexpad (~$53). Crafted of the same anodized aluminum that envelop all of the computers coming out of Cupertino, the designer mouse pad looks right at home nestled amongst your other fruit-themed electronics. And with a non-slip base and attachable adhesive glides to limit all of your possible mouse-on-mat friction, the Flexpad follows in the iCompany’s footsteps of ensuring there’s function to go along with all that form.

Buy Now: ~$53