Shred all you want, but skip the jam session

Fellowes 79Ci Paper Shredder

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Let’s not pretend…shredding paper is not something most of us anxiously anticipate. The only thing that can make such a menial task worse is when the office shredder (circa 1970’s and looking much like a poor-man’s R2D2) can only handle 2 sheets a minute and still jams up. The Fellowes 79Ci Paper Shredder eliminates such annoyances, and has technology to avoid many of the other problems commonly brought on by inferior shredders.

The 79Ci can detect how many sheets of paper are being inserted, and will warn the user via a green to red light system if their stack is too much to handle. Paper fed in at a crooked angle will cause the machine to shift into turbo mode, or reverse the paper out of the blades, saving your equipment and sanity. In addition to paper documents, the machine can easily chew through DVD’s, staples, credit cards and even paper clips with speed and ease. It might not be the most exciting money you’ve ever spent, but is definitely cheaper than the resulting coronary from jamming your old machine.

Buy Now: $179