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Tasting Notes: Samuel Adams Single Batch Series

Culture By Photo by Chris Gampat

Samuel Adams is best known for its Boston Lager, but with a slew of other great beers – the Boston Ale and Black Lager come to mind – the brand has transitioned from craft brew darling to international powerhouse. That said, they keep the craft and innovation alive with releases like the Single Batch Series. The limited-edition collection represents some of the Samuel Adams brewers’ favorite beer styles, each drawing on heritage and unique ingredients, and is packed into a 22 ounce bottle. Here’s a look at the current lineup.

Samuel Adams Verloren

“Verloren” translates to “lost” in English, which is a good moniker for this brew. This rare style of unfiltered wheat ale originated in Saxony in 980 A.D., but has mostly died out. Sam recreates the style with malty cereal notes, plus coriander for peppery spice and a touch of salt for a savory, mineral quality. It’s a great summer sipper that pairs nicely with sweet and spicy barbeque. 6% ABV / $5.99 per bottle

Samuel Adams Norse Legend

Based on the ancient Finnish “sahti” style of beer – legend says that barrels were found on sunken Viking ships – Norse Legend is a serious beer with a distinct herbal kick and lots of aromatics. It’s spicy and earthy, and aging the beer on a bed of juniper berries gives Norse Legend a fresh, evergreen flavor. 7% ABV / $5.99 per bottle

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

This dark Baltic porter combines the big flavors of dark roasted malts with the bold citrus quality of hops. We’re not sure how espresso successfully unites with grapefruit and pine, but in this case, it works. 7.6% ABV / $5.99 per bottle

Samuel Adams Cinder Bock

This robust brew uses smoked malts to give the beer a roasty quality, while notes of toffee and caramel provide a touch of sweetness. A quick hit of smoke subsides to reveal a gentler, velvety beer, which pairs nicely with smoked meats and dark chocolate desserts. 9.46% ABV / $6.99 per bottle

Samuel Adams Grumpy Monk

Unlike the single serving beers above, Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA is a small batch offering that’s available as part of Sam Adam’s new Hop-ology variety pack. Traditional Belgian beer qualities like spicy cloves and fruit are combined with the distinct hop character of an IPA. Citrus and pine merge with a roasted malt sweetness for a fun and complex brew that should appeal to Belgian beer and IPA aficionados alike. 5.7% ABV

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