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Bench Dog Tools Strap-Loc Strap Retainer

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Anyone who has ever dabbled with woodworking knows that a strap clamp can be the extra set of hands you need, when you don’t want anybody else’s hands on your work. The only problem is, unless you’re crafting something bigger than a breadbox, the excess strap length can make your workbench a mess of nylon and glue. Bench Dog Tools have developed Strap-Loc Strap Retainers ($5.99/pair) to tame the wanton webbing, and bring order back to your bench. The easy to use Strap-Locs are made from ABS plastic and feature large thumb tabs that make winding simple and fast. They work with truck tie downs/ratchet straps too, so you won’t have to worry about those manly streamers the next time your moving your old college roommate.

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