K-Cup, The Next Generation...

Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System

We’ve previously discussed the virtues of the Keurig brewing system and its thankfully-ubiquitous K-cup as a handy solution for a quick fix of caffeine. Now after years of success, it’s time to introduce K-cup’s second act – the Keurig Vue ($212).

Gone are the days of having only one “brew” choice, and only physical buttons. Now you can use the digital interface to fine-tune your coffee. These aren’t your standard K-cups either, which some might find annoying because that means their old cups won’t work in the new machines, and the new cups won’t fly in the old brewer.

Instead, the new Vue packs allow the machine to adjust airflow, water pressure, and timing of the brew to match the strength and size you selected on that slick-looking digital touch screen. We’ve always been Keurig fans, and we’re happy to see the brand continuing to innovate. If this next effort delivers half the improvement the first K-cup brought to single serve coffee, we’re all in for a real treat.

Buy Now: $212