Where the rubber meets the drywall

Muscle Cars 1960-1974 by ADCF Design

Home By Photo by ADCF Design

You had posters of them tacked all over your walls as a kid, like some kind of auto-obsessed John Nash after weeks of skipping his meds. You dreamt of driving one up to the high school parking lot, simply to scoop up your cheerleader girlfriend and drag away into the sunset, waking even that sleeping stoner up in chemistry class in the process. They’re muscle cars, and America’s obsession over these home-grown brutes has never been stronger, judging by the record auction prices achieved over the last few years. Even if you can’t stock your garage with a few of your own, hanging this Muscle Cars 1960 – 1970s (~$33) poster by ADCF design on the wall can at least dull your itch for king-sized engine blocks, steel frames, and smokin’ tires — all in definitely more tasteful fashion compared to that tattered Brigitte Bardot pin-up you can’t bear to part with. Still need more? There’s also a book version floating around somewhere, but we couldn’t find a place to purchase it online.

You’ll find more images of the poster after the break.

Buy Now: ~$33