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Blank Slate Climbing Training Board

We know you’re busy, hey we are too. Making it to the gym isn’t always an option, and unless you’ve got a couple hundred square feet to spare, home workouts can get tired fast. Take boredom out of the equation and keep your muscles guessing with the Blank Slate Training Board ($129). Just like that chin-up bar you grabbed from that yard sale in ’92 the Blank Slate will mount to almost any door frame; unlike that chin-up bar, though, the Blank Slate is completely customizable. It’s also made in America from a combination of Baltic Birch and powder coated steel. Add your choice of the available hangboards and holds to the light or dark stained birch panel and you can turn your living room into anything from Shawangunks to the Garden of the Gods. You can even attach your smartphone or tablet to cue up inspirational scenes from Take It to the Limit… or Cliffhanger, your choice.

Buy Now: $130