Horn-y and proud of it

Lamborghini Urus Concept

Cars By Photo by Lamborghini

Not since the creation of the extreme Lamborghini LM002 in the 1980s, has the Italian automaker ventured into SUV territory. After years of R&D, Lamborghini has finally created its second coming, the Lamborghini Urus concept. Sounding more like an unmentionable body part than a hyper-exotic SUV, the Urus echoes many of the same lines as the Aventador supercar, but even moreso the Estoque concept sedan introduced in Paris in 2008, a beauty that got mothballed after its much hyped purported production. One look at the Urus’ clean and crisp lines though, make the LM002 look like it was built out of LEGOs. Behind that sleek design is an all carbon-fiber body that should be propelled by a 600 horsepower engine, so you know will be relatively light, as SUVs go, and assuredly quick. Aside from this, not much has been revealed, but we like what we see (even though our vote would be for the Estoque, hands down). No price or release date have been determined, either, but if you’re already wondering about the price, you probably can’t afford it.

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