Unlike most substitute teachers, this thing feels no pain

Design Spolight: Intel Studybook Tablet

Design By Photo by Intel

There’s a healthy rivalry taking place over the future of the computer educational market, and the only clear winner so far are the students. Intel has put long-term competitor One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) on notice with their recent announcement of the Studybook, a new low-cost tablet loaded with educational software perfect for schools in any market, developing or otherwise. Part of their Classmate Learning Series, the Studybook is Intel’s first attempt at a touch-screen tab in this market. The 7-inch Atom-powered 1.2 pound device can run either Android or Windows 7 and, depending on the model, will feature built-in storage varying from 4 to 32 GB. Prices are expected to start at around $200.

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Unlike the iPad, which nervous parents have to shield in bulky protective gear, the Studybook is built with the young student user in mind: the plastic body can withstand falls from several feet while the rubber band reinforcing the bezel keeps dirt and sand out. And don’t worry about spilled drinks or sloppy lab experiments — every port is sealed, making the tablet water resistant. Featuring full-sized USB ports, the Studybook can connect with keyboards when heavy typing is involved. It’s packed with innovative educational software that encourages interactivity such as Intel’s LabCam app, which utilizes adapter lenses for the rear camera to turn the device into a portable microscope or a time-lapse camera.

All in all, it’s an encouraging sign that the school days we all knew will be radically different for the next generation — and hopefully better. The only downside to progress? There’s no room for doodling in the margins.

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