Style Pick: Seize Sur Vingt Perforated Suede Bucks

Style : Clothing By Photo by Sieze Sur Vingt

Seize Sur Vingt’s newest line of shoes come in a rainbow of colors sure to add pop to your wardrobe. Seven choices, ranging from bright navy with a contrasting red rubber sole to a more muted tan (SSV calls it “Milkshake” shown above) matched to a blue bottom, give the discerning dresser many options. The perforated suede buck lends a suppleness that begs to be worn sans socks — just be sure to powder your feet to keep the leather dry and odor-free. Pair the shoes with neutrals for a subtle look that downplays these kicks’ color, or jump right out like a member of the Glee Club with a color coordinated look. Whatever your mood or style, Seize Sur Vingt has a pair of shoes to match.