Black Spin

Callaway HEX Black Tour Golf Ball

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The right golf ball can make all the difference. Choose poorly and you’ll spend the next 18 holes wondering why you bother playing this game at all. Callaway Golf has taken a bold step to improve the benefits of a ball by combining two into one offering. The Callaway HEX Tour Black golf ball ($46) merges the firmer core of the Tour iZ and the softer, spin friendly cover of the Tour iS. The result? To create a ball with less spin off the driver (i.e. straighter distance) and more spin from a wedge (i.e. short game control). Not an easy feat.

The new ball is a five piece construction with enough rocket science to boggle the mind. Between Suryln ionomers ratios, inner and out mantels and HEX Aerodynamics we went cross-eyed over the tech. For us, the proof arrived on the course.

After a few rounds, we mulled over the results and think Callaway may be on to something. This writer can create a lot of the wrong spin off the tee (I’m sure most of you can relate) and the HEX Black Tour was one of the easier balls to get onto the short grass. Overall distance was good, even on the softer spring fairways. One thing to note, power has been reigned in from the Tour iZ model, and we approve. Getting an extra club out of your irons isn’t nearly as beneficial to better players as added control and shot-making. We also found the ball performed well around the green, on the putting surface and from bunkers. One of the more noticeable benefits is that the HEX Black Tour has a more resilient cover than the Tour iS, so you won’t be digging in your bag for a new ball after every wedge shot.

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