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BMW eSetta Concept

Cars By Photo by TW VIA

The 1950s BMW Isetta certainly wouldn’t break any land speed records, especially since it looks like a windowed deep freezer on wheels. But no one can question its success as a practical and inexpensive mode of transporation. Designer Tony Weischelbraun has taken this icon and modernized it with his brilliant eSetta concept. Replacing the original gasoline engine with an electric motor calls for a slight name tweak to reflect the powertrain change, and it fits. Rendered in tasty black and red (oh so Ferrari-esque), the eSetta is intended as an exercise in car sharing where it could be recharged and rented at a myriad of stations, eliminating the need for bigger batteries and longer ranges. Who says you can’t do a cheap autocross that might not thrill spectators but would most certainly entertain.

We’ve got a few more renderings for your viewing pleasure after the break.

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