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Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor & App

May 2, 2012 Home By Photo by Koubachi
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We’ve all severely neglected or, worse, killed a few plants. Before you could make the excuse that keeping track of sunlight, water, and the quality of the soil was just too much for your one track mind to handle. Now, with Koubachi (~$142), your black thumb isn’t so easily wiped clean.

Using a Wifi sensor inserted directly into the soil and a free iPhone app, Koubachi lets users know exactly how good (or bad) they’ve been treating their plants. Specifically, the device monitors soil moisture, ambient temperature, and light, and checks those metrics against that particular plant’s needs. All of those health metrics are then easily viewable via the iPhone, and alerts can be set when things get into dangerous territory. Since the system literally does all the dirty work for you, it’s time you finally repented for your gardening ineptitude and grew something healthy.

Buy Now: Wifi Sensor $142 | App Free

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