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The Gentry Man: A Guide for the Civilized Male

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The relentless pursuit of sartorial, intellectual, philosophical, and physical excellence is all codified in The Gentry Man: A Guide for the Civilized Male. Inside this manly bible, readers will find highlights from all 22 issues of Gentry Magazine published from 1951-1957 that some of our older readership might remember as the spiritual predecessor to GQ and the like. From its no-frills cover to its evocatively creative interiors, this gorgeous anthology offers classic advice that even younger generations could benefit from reading, in-between texts and tweets. In fact, no stone is left unturned as The Gentry Man expounds time-honoured tidbits and perspectives on a wide range of topics including travel, food, drinks, fashion, art, sports, cars, etc. In other words, everything a sophisticated man should know to give James Bond and Don Draper a good run for their money, both now, or in their heyday.

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