In the hands of the Master

Ayrton Senna’s F1 Steering Wheel

Cars By Photo by Motorauthority VIA

Over thirty years ago, a racing legend made his debut at F1, though his sterling career would sadly be cut short by a freak accident. Aytron Senna, as many of you have seen in the much acclaimed documentary Senna, possessed mad driving skills and the kind of talent that emerges but rarely, not just in Formula 1 but in automotive racing, period. Largely due to the excellently made film, there’s been a surge in popularity of Senna racing memorabilia, from his helmet to a racing suit that both commanded serious money at auction.

Next up is Senna’s first F1 steering wheel from his 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix opening. It will be auctioned at Silverstone. Though it’s curiously free of the modern, hi-tech F1 steering wheels that have been manhandled by the likes of Schuey, the simple wheel with Senna’s autograph would take the honored spot in your man-cave. Early figures predict a $20K+ purchase price, but it could go even higher. Sell your 2010 Honda Accord and you could own a piece of racing history.

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