Save lives in style

Radius Designs’ First-Aid Box

Preparing for the worst is especially trendy now. Whether you believe nuclear war is about to break out, a zombie infestation is inevitable, or think the Mayans really had the inside scoop on the apocalypse – many individuals across the country have taken a liking to ‘prepping’. And, as with any trend, style and aesthetics cannot be left out of the mix.

German-based company Radius Design has added some elegance to that clunky first-aid kit hanging in your bathroom, stashed under your desk, or in the back of a closet. The First-Aid Box (~$66+) is a brushed stainless steel casing that holds the iconic red first-aid kit. A cutout section that resembles the iconic cross symbol allows for anyone to quickly recognize and grab the kit in case of an emergency. Available in two different sizes – home and office, the company also offers a refillable kit that you can purchase to supplement your own stash.

Buy Now: ~$66+