Knight Driver

Callaway RAZR X Black Driver

Speed kills. Or should we say, speed kills golf balls. Long drives are generated from a delicate balance of raw, white knuckle speed and precession ball striking. Add a few MPH to you clubhead speed and you’ll start reaping the yardage gains immediately. Callaway’s RAZR X Black Driver ($250) aims to unleash your inner speed demon.

A new forged composite makes the clubhead lighter and strong than standard titanium. According to the Callaway boffins, “The driver’s crown contains over 12 million turbostratic carbon fibers…” We’re a little behind on our metallurgy studies, but it sounds pretty darn light. From an aerodynamic perspective, the RAZR X Black has contours that reduce drag and subsequent energy loss on the downswing — 17% better than last year’s Diablo Octane. The effect is a more compressed, lower profile head. At first blush, the head might appear on the smaller side, but this beast has a full 460cc of ball crushing meanness built into it. We actually found the flatter head easier to whip through the hitting zone.

This driver, more than most any driver we’ve tried this season, is feather light. We don’t have hard metrics, just our senses. The RAZR X Black is scary fast. Bullwhip fast. Olympic fencer fast. To balance out the unbridled speed, Callaway has beefed up the club’s forgiveness through improvements to its long standing Variable Face Thickness and newer Hyperbolic Face Technologies. The larger sweet spot helps when your swing ratchets up a notch or six. Take into account that this driver is $50 less than comparable drivers on the market, and it feels like a great entry point for those who have the need… the need for speed.

Buy Now: $250