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Well Rounded Sound

Tech : Electronics By Photo by WRS

Some of the best sounding speakers could use a pleasing aesthetic touch. A basic black box is nice and simple, but also a tad boring in the realm of desktop audio. If you have a desire for high fidelity and high-end looks, look no further than Well-Rounded Sound.

Using full range drivers with 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz, along with acoustically optimized enclosures, 6 foot pure copper wiring and case materials such as 100% New Zealand wool felt, carbonized bamboo and American hardwoods, the line from Well Rounded Sound (with names like Hot Dog, Boxer and Jack Terrier 2) employs a consistent cylindrical theme with numerous customization options. Beautifully constructed and made to order, you’d do well both visually and aurally to get a couple of these cranking out Mahler, Moby or Miles Davis.

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