Saturdays at the office never looked better

Modernus Curved Frameless Glass Office System

Home By Photo by Modernus

Had Mr. Anderson been working in an office setup like the Modernus Curved Frameless Glass Office System, he might never have left the Matrix. And we can’t blame him. Based in California, Modernus is best known for its line of Italian-made, high-end contemporary doors. To that success, they have ventured into the often-staid field of office design with this stylish line featuring frameless, self-supporting 10 mm glass panels with stainless steel hardware. The result is a stunning work environment with a modern look that’s also highly functional.

Extremely customizable, without permanent or structural modifications to a building, the Frameless Office System allows you to configure your office spaces with curved or flat panels, sliding or swing doors — any array to make you forget about those TPS reports or their respective cover sheets, and actually enjoy coming to work.

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