One-wheel drive

Design Spotlight: Ryno Motors

Cars By Photo by Ryno Motors

We can all agree that the morning commute is broken for many. With no fix in sight, mechanical engineer Chris Hoffman of Ryno Motors has proposed a solution that turns more heads than it does wheels. Meet the Ryno Single Wheeled Electric Scooter. Looking like Segway’s one-legged cousin, this self-balancing electric scooter offers riders even more freedom and mobility both on and off the road. The current model is the culmination of five years worth of trial and error. At only 125 pounds this electric unicycle parks anywhere and is easily transported when not in use thanks to a clever folding body design.

Ryno Motors has initially targeted government and security services for first run users, but a consumer version is already in the works and speculatively priced at around $4,000. Before scoffing at the humble 15 mph top speed, do keep in mind that this is achieved by riding on only one-wheel. If that’s still not enough for you, the top speed can be adjusted to around 25 mph off of public roads. We’d avoid the urge to simultaneously juggle in either case.

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