Travel gets personal again


Yes, you’re right, there’s more than enough travel booking sites on the Internet, but if we could just hold your attention for a few seconds, you may want to check out Superfly. Its unique engine uses all of your various travel account info when searching for flights, hotels and ground transportation to help locate the best deals available — taking personal frequent flyer miles, credit card points, or hotel rewards into consideration.

That means no more wasting time trying to best optimize your points or figuring out if using miles on a particular flight is even worth it. Superfly simplifies the process by keeping all of your relevant data on file and spitting out the most useful search results based on the best possible value to you.

The site will also provide personal recommendations based on your various rewards statuses, in addition to keeping track of your miles earned, financial travel patterns, and flight-booking habits. Flying these days will never be fun, but it can be easier and, sometimes, cheaper.

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