Shutter Ísland

May 9, 2012 Videos : Viewfinder By

Iwan Bigler and Raphael Nussbaum, the visual raconteurs of Team Nine, bring the greens, greys and sometimes blues of Iceland to you in the beautifully composed Shutter Ísland. In their first effort, the Switzerland-based duo artfully choreographed an August 2011 couch-surfing trip to Iceland, with vistas near and far that capture the detail and grandeur of this North Atlantic island. Filmed with a Canon 7D, using a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, the film short shows both the capabilities of DSLR HD video and the team’s eye for composition — proving one lens is all you need. Music choices, including Young Lagoon’s “Montana”, complete the ethereal texture of the Iceland landscape. If you’re looking for a photo-based tour, consider viewing Iwan’s Flickr set of photo stills here. We’re already looking forward to their next trip.