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Svpply for iPad

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The gatekeepers are dead, and the Internet is to thank. It’s true, anyone can stake their own piece of online real estate, yet few mesh purpose and appeal as effortlessly as Svpply. Whether you’re already an addicted user, or you’ve seen our film with them, we’re pleased to hear they’ve announced the Svpply iPad app (Free)

If you’re wondering what Svpply (pronounced “supply”) is, think of it as window shopping with your au courant best friend, or as Twitter for fashion-forward individuals. Svpply allows users to upload pictures of their favorite products from all over the web, and link back to them so if you like it, you can buy it. This simple concept also enables users to “follow” people with whom they share similar tastes. If you dig their layout, pat yourself on the back for having good taste as, colleague, cofounder, and CEO Ben Pieratt, has twice been named one of the nation’s Top 20 Designers Under 30. Bravo, Pieratt.

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