New soul? Or a ghost of laptops past?

HP Envy Spectre XT

May 11, 2012 Tech : Electronics By Photo by HP

We’re not ones to embrace hyperbole, but the new HP Envy Spectre XT ($1,000+) may actually live up to its category — and humility-bending title of Ultrabook. Weighing a fairly svelte 3.07 pounds with 14.5mm-thick profile, HP’s newest offering features an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, a four-speaker Beats Audio sound system, a 13” high-definition LED screen, 8 hour battery life and an upgradeable 128GB solid state hard drive that will shatter your previous personal best start-up times.

The Spectre XT’s tapered all-metal design and backlit, black keyboard isn’t fooling anyone into thinking that they don’t have their sights on one particular company. And while some may scoff at any challenger’s attempt to unseat the Cupertino giant, amenities such as a 24 hour concierge line that’s specifically dedicated to XT owners could be just the thing to get users to consider switching back. Because having a personal concierge sure sounds a hell of a lot better than queuing up for hours to talk to some “genius.”

Buy Here: $1000+ (Available June 8th)